Finding Answers from Within

This coaching exercise is designed to help you learn to trust your inner guide and intuition. After all, tapping into that is the underlying foundation of Life Coaching. A Life Coach knows that the client has the answers within them. A Coaches job is to help the client bring those answers to the surface by … Read more

Example Life Coaching Session

Coach: Hi Amy, thank you for always showing up on time for our sessions. How are you today? Client: Hey Nick, I’m good but I’m really having a hard time staying motivated at work. I’ve been there for about three years now and sometimes the challenges are so hard that I just wish I could leave. Coach: Okay, … Read more

Wheel of Balance

The wheel of balance is a powerful coaching exercise that can help you prioritize and balance a few main areas of your life. These areas include Friends and Family, Money and Finances, Health, Physical Environment, Fun and Recreation, Career and Life Purpose, Personal Growth, and Relationships. By looking at each section individually, we can learn … Read more

Seven Step Breakthrough

The Seven Step Breakthrough is a powerful coaching exercise that can help us visualize what we want, show us how we have responded to it in the past, realize what may have been blocking us from achieving it, and create an action plan for how to change that. Preparation: Have a pen and paper ready or … Read more


The Forgiveness exercise can help you realize who or what you may need to forgive so that you can move forward in life free from emotional pain and sadness. This exercise will teach you ultimately to have a clearer conscious and subconscious mind. Forgiveness can be the most powerful tool to release you from any … Read more

Control vs Approval?

This exercise can help us see how we may be getting in our own way by trying to control a situation. It can also show us how the need for approval can hold us back. Preparation: Have your journal ready to take notes. One Minute Meditation: Take a moment to relax, take a few deep breaths, … Read more