New Moon Releasing Ceremony

The new moon was regarded as a time to renew, release the old and set new goals. It is a time when the moon is at it’s darkest and rests for a short period in the void before it starts its waxing time to become bright a full again. This is a good time to go inward and look at what needs to be healed, released or forgiven. Also known as Grandmother moon to the ancestors, she reminds us to honor the feminine, nurturing and intuitive aspects of ourselves.

Preparation: Have a journal, pen, blanket to sit on, pen and piece of paper, build a fire

Draw a circle on a sheet of paper, this represents your life. Write everything you want more of inside the circle and what you want less of outside the circle.

Now, place the paper in the fire and silently reflect until the paper is completely gone.

Journal: Write or draw pictures about your experience.

Reflect: Walk a labyrinth or medicine wheel or just sit in silence and send out a prayer of gratitude